DST Investments

Whitehall-Parker Securities, Inc., is a full-service financial firm that provides a range of services, including those necessary to set-up a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST). Our services help you defer real estate capital gains tax with DST investments or a DST 1031 exchange.


Learn About DST Investments

A Delaware Statutory Trust is a separate legal entity that is formed as a trust. The trust exists under Delaware state law and ideally for federal income tax purposes, the DST receives a grantor trust classification.

With this classification, if you purchase beneficial interest in the trust, you receive undivided interest in the assets that are held by the DST. DST investments simplify your life as a property owner by eliminating time-consuming and often costly problems related to property management.

One of the benefits of DST investments is that you can have a DST 1031 exchange. Essentially, you can use DST interest as like-kind property in a section 1031 tax deferred exchange.

1031 exchanges are the selling of qualified like-kind investment property, such as what you have with a DST investment, so that you can acquire a different like-kind investment property. Often the property used in a DST 1031 exchange has been held for productive use in business or trade or investment.


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Since 1982, we have worked closely with our clients to provide security and a range of full-service financial services. Our team has a rich sense of experience and history, with over 100 years of combined experience in real estate 1031 transactions.

We provide a variety of financial planning and estate planning services alongside our 1031 exchanges and DST investments. Our diverse and rich set of experiences helps us ensure that you can make the best financial choices for you to have a favorable tax result and equity raising.

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